Asynchronous code execution in JavaScript

I was pointed to a very good article providing a very good overview of the different possibilities handling asynchronous code execution in JavaScript:

  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • RxJS Observables
  • async/await

Article summary

ES6 feature, but libraries available for ES5; “promise” a certain value in the future¬†working with streams of data instead of single value (=> abstraction!); operators for data manipulation and control
writing asynchronous code like synchronous one instead of code “blocks”
async always return automagically a promise, wait waits for promise resolution
advantagespostpone (without blocking) code execution; difficult error handlingresolve/reject provides better error handling; chaining of promise handlingpowerful unified syntax and mechanism, 
error handling
completion handling (eventually – based on observables)
try-catch for error handling
disadvantagesextensive nesting, “callback hell”one asynchronous operations with each promiseoperator syntax might be confusing, RxJS library obligatory
suggested usagesingle asychronous operationssingle value

HTTP requests are fine but not for operations not ending after one “promised value” like click events (you can just react on each single click)
stream of datasynchronous handling of promises