Automatic REST-API from Doctrine-Entities – Module evaluation

The times in web-development are over, that the backend side was allmighty and the frontend part was “pixel pushing” and fixing cross-browser issues. Today, modern applications are build in the client and the backend is just providing the data through an API. (And the backend still does the automatic background processes)

Given that I was looking for an existing module, which could create automatically the REST-endpoints for an existing databases, which was connected through Doctrine.

I had a rough look on three modules: stanlemon/rest-bundleR3VoLuT1OneR/doctrine-rest and oligus/jad.

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Customizable Software Architecture – Approaches overview

  • All in One and feature toggles
    • Challenges: if much customization is needed
  • Branching/Forking of whole product
    • Challenges: merging with main branch in post-delivery
  • Entity-Attribute-Value-Model (EAV) for database as addition
  • Plugin Architecture
    • Challenges: “Points of Customization” (aka Extension Points) in the main product
  • Extension Approach (inheritance)
    • Separation of main product and customer-specific

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How to setup a new Angular application and use Material Design

In fact it’s quite easy to setup a new Angular application. You just have to use the angular-cli and all the work is done for you. The best part of it: it follows all the recommended best practices from the Angular team. And you should not under-estimated this: you get a fully functioning application with working build tools, also already for production mode and test infrastructure. Automatically created! Only a few commands are needed to be typed in your terminal of choice.

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