The 10 Most Common Mistakes That Developers Make

There are tons of articles with this title and now there is also one from me. Actually, I started from this Toptal article for Rails developer and enriched it. In most cases, I was more restricting than the original article.

  • #1 Putting too much logic in the controller
  • #2 Putting too much logic in the view
  • #3 Putting too much logic in the model

I wouldn’t differentiate between controller/view/model. It is always putting too much logic in any class/function. Follow the Single Responsibility Principle.

  • #4 Using generic helper classes as a dumping ground

Don’t write “helper classes”. If you need some generic functionality – write a generic module and import it!

Also don’t use “base” or “generic” or something else. Name things!

  • #5 Using too many gems 3rd party modules

On this one, I disagree. Sure, it can affect the performance, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use 3rd party modules. Use the right ones and as little as need but as much you must.

  • #6 Ignoring your log files
  • #7 Lack of automated tests
  • #8 Blocking on calls to external services background tasks
  • #9 Getting married to existing database migrations
  • #10 Checking sensitive information into source code repositories