Definition of Done: a real-world example

A definition of done (DoD) can help your team to maintain the quality of your product. Often it is helpful to have not only a DoD for a feature in total at the end of the sprint, but also for the steps in between. This articles provides you an example from a real-world project as a starting point.

The steps are taken from the board. Each column (excerpt for Todo) will get its own DoD.

In Progress

  • Acceptance Criteria are met
    • Intention of User Story challenged
    • Design challenged
  • Coding is Done
    • Refactoring – you improved the existing code at least a little
    • Code Formatting (Linter)
    • At least Unit tests are written
    • Continuous Integration build passing BEFORE creating merge request
  • Testing BEFORE creating merge request
    • manual test of story on your local environment
    • Tests (unit, integration, functional) are passing locally
  • Documentation
    • Infrastructure configuration changes documented

In Code Review

  • Peer Code Review performed
  • No open tasks/discussions
  • At least one other from team upvoted

In QA / On Staging

  • Feature is tested against acceptance criteria on staging environment
  • Different language, device/browsers, OS are considered
  • Feature ok-ed by UX designer
  • Feature ok-ed by Product Owner


  • Tested on production environment (see previous)