Project Manager: Onboarding Checklist for Existing Project


List: Name, Role, Department, Email, Telephone

Roles: Sponsor, Decision-Maker, SME 


— Salience: power, urgency, legitimacy

— leading, supportive, neutral, resistant, (unaware)

— Power/Interest, Influence/Impact

Procurement / Partner


Time & Scope

Milestones & Deadlines

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Backlog Prioritization: Dimensions for Business Value / Impact

The prioritization of backlog items is one of a product owner’s / project manager’s main tasks. However, it can be very difficult to develop an objective methodology. One example – I have used in different variations – is following:

For each dimensions there can be max 5 point. The business value is the (weighted) sum of the dimensions:

  • Sales: mainly financial motives etc.
  • Customer: increasing the customer satisfaction, keeping customers etc.
  • Digital: innovative, disruptive, competitive advantages etc.
  • Efficiency: operational wins

Developer Performance Reviews and Improvements – Look into the PRs of your Team

I recently read this article (“Managers — Look at Your Engineers’ PRs“) and absolutely agree. In fact, I have done this for a couple of years now and I agree that is a valid and valueable source for feedback – besides the 180 degree feedback from colleagues.

However, I wouldnt just use the PRs for individual performance review but also to track the team performance. PRs reveal a lot of team dynamic (how is the communication between team members) and product/software quality. In a more junior team I would also attend a more active role in PRs to support or fill the role of a senior developer.