Prioritization of Product Backlog Items

Every single feature in the backlog should answer following questions:

  • Are the users going to buy this?
  • Is it going to solve a problem our customers face?
  • How do you structure the problem so when you speak about it with your users, they are thinking about it in the same way?
  • Is it going to improve the overall experience?
  • Is it going to highlight our strong parts of the product?
  • Does this bring closer to our product vision?
  • How can we measure the success of this feature?
  • Can our stakeholders support this?
  • What are the risks and problems we have to overcome?
  • Can our engineers build this?
  • Can a user figure out how to use it?

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Developer Interview: test source code

How do you do your interviews with software developers? Notably, testing his/her technical knowledge, understanding, and experience? Of course, it would be great if you could do a testing day to see if s/he fits into the team and deeply test the knowledge. But in most cases, this is not possible due to various reasons. Therefore, I have written following pseudo code and am using it in interviews to have some source code to talk about with the candidates.

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