How to setup a new Angular application and use Material Design

In fact it’s quite easy to setup a new Angular application. You just have to use the angular-cli and all the work is done for you. The best part of it: it follows all the recommended best practices from the Angular team. And you should not under-estimated this: you get a fully functioning application with working build tools, also already for production mode and test infrastructure. Automatically created! Only a few commands are needed to be typed in your terminal of choice.

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OAuth2: short summarized overview


  • Authenticating a third-party application with credentials
  • credentials (passwords) must be stored in third-party application
  • no restriction of third-party application access – because of credentials


  • Resource owner: entity granting access to a resource, could be an end-user
  • Resource server: providing the protected resource (data), accepting
  • Client application: e.g. an application making
  • Authorization server: authorizing the client application to access the resource data by issuing

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